Author: Svilena Velcheva
Published On: 25/03/2020

The Devnya incinerator is ready to burn the waste from Covid-19. This was revealed by an interview with the Minister of Environment and Water Emil Dimitrov in the bTV program on March 24 this year. “We have a backup incinerator in Devnya. He could work as many as three Sofia if we load it, “Dimitrov said. The minister said that they had a conversation with the owner of the Devnya incinerator because, in his words, “we cannot leave such waste in the chamber”. “The owner told him that he was suspending all orders, all other activities, and remained at the disposal of the Council of Ministers and the Staff,” said Emil Dimitrov. “Whatever you submit, we will absorb it,” Minister Dimitrov received assurance. According to the environmentalist, “it’s good to have all the Crown Virus waste go to an incinerator.”

Currently, hospital waste in our country amounts to about 12 tons per day, with each hospital concluding a contract with an operator for their disposal. Due to the non-proliferation measures of Covid-19, it was decided to burn this type of waste. According to Minister Dimitrov, our country can take up to 40 tons of hospital waste a day. The first option for their disposal is the incinerator in Sofia. “It will be very difficult to prepare him to work in 24-hour mode because he is old and depreciated, but we will manage,” says Emil Dimitrov. The other problem with it is that it is clogged with toxic ash from combustion and it will be difficult for waste cars to enter.

“At present it is not known how many hospitals will need to be treated, how many patients will be treated in them and what the amount of waste will be,” Dimitrov said. Therefore, the ministry has prepared a back-up option, such as the Devnya incinerator.

Emil Dimitrov’s interview with bTV revealed that our country continues to import waste for incineration. Another batch of 20 containers brought from Italy were caught in the abuse last night. They will be loaded onto a ship and returned to Italy again, Dimitrov assured.

You can sign the petition against the import of incineration waste here.

Translator: Valentina Vagge