Author: Svilena Velcheva
Published On: 25/03/2020

To build a park on the dividing island on “Al. Stamboliiski “in the Chaika quarter. This is the first project of the Ecovarna Look at the initiative.

Location on Public Territory: The island area between the two lanes of Al. Stamboliiski in Chaika quarter, between the market and the access to Varna stadium.

Current status: The area is in dire straits. It is not functional. It has been converted into a parking lot. The flooring is compromised. Few benches are broken and vegetation is unsupported. The infrastructure has not been updated since it was built.

Draft idea: Separation of the interior space (the dividing island on the boulevard) from the existing infrastructure and its transformation into a park. To build a green alley as a natural extension of the Sea Garden in the Chaika neighborhood. The idea is to make the dividing island an accessible place for people’s leisure and fun.

About the author: Anton Bogdev is a design engineer. He graduated from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Sofia and the National High School of Humanities and Arts “Konstantin Preslavski” in Varna. His competences include: production of specialized maps, creation of digital terrain models, vertical planning, calculation of volumes and quantities, geoinformation systems. Contact:

We also look forward to receiving your proposals for the EcoVarna initiative at:

Projects should:

– to strike a balance between natural and anthropogenic factors and create preconditions for sustainable development of Varna;

-contain a brief explanatory section on the location of the public territory, its current state and a vision for its future development;

– be accompanied by a preview – a picture of the current state of the site, a photo of Google maps or a color sketch, a diagram of the future;

– be accompanied by a short CV of the author;

The projects will be published in the Cause of Urban Development on the site Upon completion of the initiative (until 12 project ideas are raised), they will be submitted to the Union of Architects – Varna Company. All 12 ideas of what EcoVarna looks like will be presented in an official exhibition during the Civic Forum “Conference on Democracy 2021”, which takes place annually on the last Saturday in February.

What EcoVarna Looks Like is part of the Public Spaces Active Initiative.

Translator: Valentina Vagge