Author: Svilena Velcheva

Photo: Wikipedia

The Europe-Direct Information Center in Le Mans, Western France, is looking for six motivated young people from European countries who would like to spend 11 months in France on a voluntary project. The project is funded by the European Solidarity Corps and will start on 17 August 2020. If you are between the ages of 18 and 30, you want to learn French and work in the field of education, you can download application documents from here.

The French organization wishes to welcome at least one young man from Bulgaria.

In order to participate, you must send a CV and complete the application form by email:!

No application deadline has been set. The sooner you submit documents, the greater the chance of their approval.

“I know that the situation in Europe is not the best place to look for volunteers at the moment, but we are still optimistic and hope that when it gets better, all young people will be happy to travel around the European Union again,” said Claire Manso, Europe-Direct Director.

Translator: Valentina Vagge