Author: Svilena Velcheva
Published On: 11/02/2020

A public discussion about the recovery of non-hazardous waste through incineration will be held in Popovo on February 13 (Thursday) at 5:30 pm at the Dimo ​​Kolarov House of Culture. The meeting came after the citizens had filed a subscription to the Municipality, in which nearly 1500 residents of the trading town objected to the construction of a waste incineration plant right next to the settlement. The document insists that the mayor of the municipality should initiate a local referendum to allow citizens decide whether such a facility should be built in their city.

In addition to the municipality the subscription was addressed to the Regional Governor of Targovishte, the District Prosecutor’s Office, the local branch of SANS and RIEW – Shumen.

The official press release stated that it would invite experts to give more clarity on the subject and answer questions of concern to the population. However, it is different from the public discussion of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report, which is legally made for such projects, and is more like an informational meeting, the lawyers commented.

The decision to build the installation can be halted by a decision of the municipal councilors and the citizens must work in this direction, commented on the situation Ilian Iliev from the Public Environment Center for Sustainable Development. In his words, the referendum is the last step and is taken when any other hope is lost. Iliev was at the forefront of the citizens’ initiative against the construction of an incinerator in Kaspichan, where the investment intent was halted after a referendum was held among residents of the municipality in 2014.

At the end of last year most municipal councilors in Popovo gave the green light to the investment intent of Eco Invest North Ltd. The company intends to build an installation for the recovery of non-hazardous waste as fuel. Incineration will significantly reduce the amount of non-recyclable combustible waste that is disposed of at regional landfills, according to part of the investor’s justification.

“The decision puts the environment, life and health of the population at risk for generations to come,” the citizens said in their reasoning for the project.

Who is Eco Invest North?

In 2018 the company concludes a contract with the Municipality of Popovo for the acceptance of municipal waste of the municipality, and a year later for their waste disposal. According to the tender notice, Popovo generates about 600 tonnes of garbage per month, which is paid at BGN 70 / tonne excluding VAT. The elementary arithmetic indicates that the annual revenue from the acceptance of the garbage alone is over half a million BGN without VAT.

According to the Trade Register, “Eco Invest North” has a capital of 100 BGN. The company is managed by Mario Adrian Todorov, and Emil Kotsev hasbeen partner in it until September. Again according to the Trade Register, Kotsev has participated over the years in the management of Hemus Highway, Trakia Highway, Burgas-Alexandroupolis BG Oil Company Design Company, Technoexportstroy, Port-Lom-Tess AD.

Translator: Valentina Vagge