Author: Svilena Velcheva
Published On: 22/10/2019

Products of the mission “I choose the reusable glass” now have a new and more attractive design. The most preferred inox cups’ set with animals is already filled with graphic “coloring” of figures in several shades of gray. The new engraving technology fills the whole image, gives a sense of volume of the image and a realistic effect, which further attracts the attention of children.

“We are delighted to be able to give the kids more beautiful characters that will be a reminder to drink water more often and protect nature. And to make it easier, more beautiful, healthy and fun, ”said Sabina Maximova, Coordinator of the“ I choose the reusable cup ”mission.

There is a reason if the set of animal design cups is most preferred by parents of young children and kindergartens directors. It has both educational and environmental effects. Animals are one of the major victims of the overuse of plastic by humans, and human activity is responsible for the extinction of many species.

The mission team of the Community Center for the Environment and Sustainable Development (OCOSUR) and ZERA have prepared some more surprises that will be announced shortly. We continue to improve the product, which saves the public tens of thousands of levs and the cost of nature to hundreds of thousands of plastic cups every day.

Thank you to everyone who is part of the mission and shares our values!

Translator: Valentina Vagge