Author: Desislava Georgieva
Published On: 10/07/2023

Sustainable implementation of green skills in vocational education and training requires a change in the curricula as well as in the attitudes of adolescents and teachers towards the topic of sustainable development. Conducting targeted training for education professionals in the system is an important first step. This is one of the main conclusions and recommendations of the conference “The Green Path to Success: Professional Education and Training for Sustainable Development”. Apostol Penkov from the Public Center for Environment and Sustainable Development attended the forum, organized in Varna by the Foundation for Modern Education. During a panel discussion on the green transition, he presented the opportunities for teachers and students to get involved in the educational project “Simulator – Stimulator”, funded by a Vivacom regional grant. The En-ROADS climate simulator, developed by Climate Interactive and the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative, is at the heart of the training on explaining climate change and the impact of human activity on it.

The discussion was also attended by Maria Mincheva, Vice-Chairman of the Bulgarian Industrial Association, the Director of the Varna School of Economics, Eng. Maria Georgieva, Plamen Stoyanov, member of the Board of the Branch Chamber of Wood Processing and Furniture Industry.

Petya Evtimova, President of the Foundation for Modern Education, presented the European trends for the inclusion of green skills in vocational education and training. She outlined EU trends to change curricula to better integrate green skills into training.
Participants in the forum were adamant that employers have a key role to play in implementing the green transition and conducting systematic teacher training campaigns, but also that support from the state can accelerate this process.
The Foundation for Modern Education will present a list of recommendations to the Ministry of Education inspired by the active discussions during the conference.

The participants in the forum were welcomed by Lilia Hristova, Director of the Education and Youth Activities Directorate at the Varna Municipality and Dr. Irena Radeva, Head of the Varna RDE. The conference was attended by principals and teachers from vocational schools, RDE, representatives of companies, branch and civil society organizations from Varna, Burgas and Dobrich.

The project “Simulator – Stimulator” is implemented with the financial support of Vivacom Fund.