Author: Svilena Velcheva
Published On: 06/12/2019

“Eco-camp Ezerets” received a diploma as the “Most Significant Volunteer Initiative 2019” in the competition hosted by Varna municipality. The competition takes place under the Youth Activities 2019 Programme, on the occasion of the International Volunteer Day – 5th December. All youth NGOs and school trustees working on the territory of Varna municipality had the right to participate.

Public Environmental Centre for Sustainable Development (PECSD) conducts eco-camps in Ezerets village every summer since 2010, two per year. The initiative is organized by the team of the organization and the financing is carried out by own or donor funds. For 4 days the volunteers live in tents in the Shabla village of Ezerets. During both bearing shifts, they are trained in ecological construction with natural materials; slow food cooking method; use of solar energy for heating purpose; biodiversity and wetlands soil knowledge. For the first time this summer participants in the volunteer initiative showed foreign volunteers from Spain, Italy, Macedonia, Romania and Turkey. Their presence has been realized in partnership with Green Association.

The jury’s xperts from the Youth Activities Department qualified Ecocamp ezerets in third place in the Varna Municipality competition. The first place has been won by “Plastic caps to help newborns and premature babies” of the association “I believe and help”. Second was the initiative of the Daedalus Association International Film Festival for the short movie of young authors “Quarantine”.

The winning initiatives will be awarded with cash prizes amounting to 600 BGN for first prize, 300 BGN for the second one and 200 BGN for the third one.

Translator: Valentina Vagge