Author: Svilena Velcheva
Published On: 01/04/2020

Tired of the four walls? Tired of wandering between the kitchen and the couch? Do you want us to look outside and find the birds around our home – who they are, how many they are, what they do? “Let’s diversify the day and stay at home with urbanBirding!”, call on the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB).

The initiative is held on the occasion of April 1 – International Bird Day. The Public Environmental Center for Sustainable Development congratulates the holiday of ornithologists and all bird lovers and encourages you to participate. You can do it yourself from the window, terrace or yard, if you are lucky enough to have one these days. You can also involve your children in this. And you don’t have to be experienced in identifying birds at all. And here is a challenge for you – to acquire new knowledge and get to know the world around you in the days of emergency.

The proposal

Watch the birds through the window, the terrace, your yard, or where you drive the “isolation”, no matter what part of Bulgaria you are in.

Don’t worry, most of the birds in the settlements are usually familiar or easy to identify!

The promise

Banish boredom and have fun.

BSPB ornithologists will help you – you will be able to get expert help or advice in identifying birds.

Share your observations with others like you.

At the end of the week on FB @BSPBirds it will be shared in how many villages in the country other people have done the same as you, where how many species of birds have been observed, which have been luckier with spotting interesting species.

Start as:

First, log in to or download the SmartBirds Pro mobile app from Google Play and register. See how – For desktop and For Mobile phone.

Write in SmartBirds Pro which species of bird you’ve seen and, if possible, the number of birds of each species. If you have difficulty before recording the observation, write to us on FB on @BSPBirds, where there will be “online” experts to help you determine from your photos or just a description of the bird.

Celebrate International Bird Day with a nice birdwatching through the window!

Translator: Valentina Vagge