Author: Svilena Velcheva
Published On: 26/09/2019

Two underwater barriers are planned for construction in the resort of St. Konstantin and Elena. They are part of the detailed development plan for the completion of the Mineral Pool of the complex. The project has been approved today at a Varna Municipal Council meeting. The decision applies to the site of the Buna Marine Complex, Wing North “Big Beach” and Wing South “Small Beach” of the resort.

The plan envisages the construction of an underwater barrier whose height should allow only vessels with low draft – sailing and fishing boats – to enter. “According to preliminary simulation models, the implementation of the project will allow the accumulation of an additional beach strip and the formation of a new beach area,” commented Victor Buzev, the chief architect of Varna. The area where the project will be implemented is occupied by a coastline of about 660 m length and 250 m width, with its widest part entering the sea at a width of 206 m with a total length of 117, 6 m.

The adoption of the plan gives green light to the coastal protection activities that should save the coastline from erosion processes.

Translator: Valentina Vagge