Author: Svilena Velcheva

The last Bulgarian submarine “Slava” became an ecological center and a museum of underwater work. This was announced to by Danko Kalchev from the Beloslav Glass Foundation. The vessel is managed by the Beloslav Glass Foundation and is based on the quay next to the Inhom plant in Beloslav and the Museum of Glass.

Until August 18, the Submariner’s Day, when the submarine will be officially opened for visits, active activities for its renovation and equipment are underway.

This is the only submarine of this type in the world that will be turned into a museum exhibit. The vessel was built in 1959, but it has facilities that are still relevant today, such as the energy storage system. It must work again by August 18. For this purpose, photovoltaics, batteries and wind generators will be installed on the submarine. They will allow it to have an autonomous power supply for lighting and ventilation. In practice, it will be turned into a mini center for energy storage, Danko Kalchev believes.

Apart from that, a system for monitoring the air above the water of the navigable canal of Varna and Beloslav lakes is being developed. The submarine will act as a monitoring station for the purity of the air in the area. Next to it will be a facility that will capture fine dust particles, collect them in a container and show visitors what we actually inhale.

If the pilot project proves successful, the idea is to place such facilities at the busiest intersections in Varna, Kalchev said. They will not measure, but will capture fine dust particles that are so dangerous to human health. The plans are for this to happen in 2021.

In addition to an active environmental center, “Slava” will pass on to generations the glory of the Bulgarian submarine fleet. Few people know that our country was one of the ten countries in the world with its own submarine fleet.

20% of the sales of souvenirs and glass fittings at the glass processing plant currently go to the restoration of the military machine. The participants in the campaign of the Public Environmental Center for Sustainable Development – “Return the bottle, get your book” also support, albeit indirectly, this noble cause. All glass bottles of perfumes and cosmetics, which are brought to the office at 14 Sava Radulov Street in Varna, are donated free of charge for recycling at the plant in Beloslav. The requirement is that they be made of transparent glass, without metal and plastic parts on them. The glass waste that the participants in the ecological campaign save for nature goes to a noble cause. Thank you!

Translator: Valentina Vagge


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