Separate waste collection in villa areas and hard-to-reach areas will be introduced this week in Varna. The initiative is owned by a private company and is the first of its kind in the country. Three bins will be placed in the courtyard of each family that has made the wish: glass, paper, plastic and metal, as well as mixed household waste. The bins will be collected once a week, and upon request, there will be the opportunity to collect them twice a week. The garbage will be collected by small specialized off-road vehicles.

It is an initiative of the private company “Euro Impex – Varna” Ltd., and the monthly fee for all those who have requested the service is BGN 50. The service includes three containers for separate collection, with attached bags, as well as transport. scheduled weekly. Three families from the villa zones of Varna have already joined the innovative solution.

The project for garbage collection in suburban areas has been developed for a year and a half. It also went through a trial period in which five families participated.

“Initially I was doing it as a hobby”, says the manager of “Euro Impex – Varna” Dobromir Vlasik. His family was the first to experiment with separate collection. So he started building a database, researching routes and opportunities to reach hard to reach areas.

Within a month, the company is ready with the launch of another service: building and bulky waste removals, both for the villa areas and for the city.

Currently waste collection on the outskirts of Varna is a luxury. People are forced to carry household waste for miles to the nearest waste container. That’s why unregulated micro landfills are a common sight in these areas.


Improving public knowledge about the role of Civil Society Organizations

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