Author: Svilena Velcheva

In a book published 38 years ago, we found helpful tips on today’s widely used plastic packaging in the food industry. This is our way to join “July without plastic” – an initiative of “Friends of the Earth”.

The section is entitled “What we need to know about plastic packaging”. And here is what it says:

“… When using such packaging, we must take into account the properties of the polymer materials from which they are made. Otherwise, not only can the taste and aroma of the product stored in them change, but also substances that are not safe for the human body can pass into it. Buckets, cans and other similar plastic containers not intended for foodstuffs must not be used to store sauerkraut, pickles, tomatoes, etc.

Plastic packaging should not be used to store coffee, tea, milk and other hot beverages, as well as vegetable oils.

Cellophane bags. They are safe and can store a variety of foods provided they are clean.

Polyethylene packaging. They are soft and elastic. They can contain meat, sausages, fish, raw vegetables, fruits, bread, cheese, semi-finished products and ready-made foods with a thicker consistency. It is not recommended to keep butter, margarine and other fats in them.

Polyethylene is almost impermeable to water vapor, which is why the products placed in it, such as bread, cheese and others. they stay fresh for a while, but on the other hand they can mold quickly.

It should be borne in mind that in plastic bags and bags made of other polymeric materials intended for packaging clothing, footwear, chemicals, reagents, etc., food should not be stored. “(” Useful tips and recipes for all ” since 1982).

If you haven’t thought about what you drink your coffee in (the cardboard cups from the coffee machines also contain polyethylene), in what bottle you store your oil (can you think of green glass bottles from a time), in what can you make sauerkraut, go back to the advice of your mothers and grandmothers. Turn your back on plastic! Not only in July!

Translator: Valentina Vagge


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