Author: Svilena Velcheva

The experience of a Varna resident on Alley One this Sunday provoked a series of outrageous comments on social networks, as well as appeals for civil actions. The topic is again the collision of pedestrians and cars on Alley One – the promenade of Varna surronded from end to end by parking lots, but no sidewalks. Tsvetan Krastev’s post is entitled “You have to walk to the sea!”. In it, he tells how he was almost intentionally run over on Alley One by a Peugeot convertible because he allowed himself to make a remark to the driver about the speed at which he drives past mothers with children. The incident takes place on May 10 between 1 and 2 p.m. “People had nowhere to move except on the main alley. Shiny cars sped inches away from them at speeds far above the speed limit, “says Tsvetan. “I made a remark to two guys from a Peugeot convertible, a light blue metallic, B 30 62 … They reacted as if in front of another circumstance, which will only slow them down in their extremely important mission, and demonstratively pressed the gas even harder. Just a minute after the incident, they had already turned the direction of the turntable at the end of the alley and were already moving toward me. They recognized me and, apparently in order to intimidate me, they aimed at me with furious speed. Inches away from me, they abruptly deviated and, cursing, disappeared, “said the man, who was clearly not easily frightened. “How long will we be tolerant of such freaks?” Tsvetan Krastev is indignant. And he adds the well-known statement: “Over the weekend Varna becomes a racing track.” According to him, the police were very active when they had to fine people who didn’t wear face masks. “Where are them now?” What else needs to happen? ”Asks the man from Varna, who calls for intolerance to all this.

A wave of dissatisfaction and calls for a civil petition has been provoked by what Tsvetan Krastev shared on Facebook.

An open letter has already been submitted to the mayor of Varna to ban the cars on Alley One. The initiative started from a project of arch. Maxim Nedkov “Opening the city to the sea”, with which he participated in “What EcoVarna looks like” of the Public Environmental Center for Sustainable Development.

Translator: Valentina Vagge



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