Author: Svilena Velcheva
Published On: 24/09/2019

A change in the Ordinance about Terms and Conditions for Traveling at Preferential Prices in Public Transport of Varna Municipality was adopted by the Legal Commission of the City Council. Under the new conditions, besides older than 65 years, students, people with permanent disabilities and their companions will benefit from the reduction. The pensioners will pay BGN 2 per month for one suburban line and BGN 8 for all suburban lines. For $ 15 a month, students will be able to use all lines in the city. The monthly cards for people with disabilities for all lines will be from 8 BGN to 25 BGN. For disabilities between 50% and 70% the Ordinance sets the price of a card 25 BGN, between 71% and 90% 15 BGN and for persons with disabilities over 91% – 8 BGN. The companions of these persons can use monthly cards for all lines worth 15 BGN. A free subscription card is provided for persons under 18 years of age with permanent disabilities from 50% to 100%.

The changes also affect the prices of the cards without a discount. Within the city, according to the boundaries of the General Plan prices are:

– Monthly subscription card for one line – 35 BGN

– Monthly subscription card for all lines – 50 BGN

– Quarterly one-line subscription card – BGN 90

– Quarterly subscription card for all lines – 135 BGN

– Six-month subscription card for one line – 180 BGN.

– Six-month subscription card for all lines – 270 BGN.

– Annual subscription card for all lines – BGN 520

The total pledged funds for the activity “Transport” for 2019 amount to BGN 8.4 million. With them the Municipality of Varna will provide financial support for changes in the Ordinance and the proposed social activity.

The purpose of the changes is to stimulate the use of public transport by citizens of Varna and the guests.

The Ordinance came from the joint meeting of the standing committees Finance and Transport and has been voted during a meeting of the Varna Municipal Council.

Translator: Valentina Vagge