Author: Svilena Velcheva

A donation of over 300 books was received by the campaign “Return a bottle, get a book!”, which is held within the framework of “Green Fridays” in Varna. Among the titles are Bulgarian and world classics, encyclopedic and children’s literature, books for music education, cooking. You can view “Short Encyclopedia of Bulgaria” in 5 volumes from the 60s of the last century, “Geographical Dictionary of Foreign Countries”, “History of Philosophy” in two volumes, “Myths and Legends of the Constellations”, “Indian Mythology” , “Military Notes” by Exupery, many titles in Russian …
The books are from a family library in the Chaika district in Varna. They are collected by two generations of Varna residents. The donor of the books wished to remain anonymous.

The books were transferred and arranged with the help of volunteers in Kubrik Hall at 14 Sava Radulov Street in Varna to become part of “Return the bottle, get your book!”.

The campaign allows anyone who donates a glass bottle of perfume or pharmaceuticals, or an aluminum bottle of deodorant, to choose a book and make a donation of levs to continue the initiative.

On the one hand, we save nature an eternal waste, such as glass, and on the other hand we save many old books, bringing them back to new life in the hands of a reader, says Ilian Iliev from the Public Environmental Center for Sustainable Development.

The glass bottles are handed over for recycling free of charge at the glass factory in Beloslav. There they are processed by innovative technology to foam glass, which is the strongest of the known thermal insulation materials.

Unlike other recycling technologies, the unique thing about the one used in Beloslav is that the glass can be processed together with all impurities on it – metal, plastic and paper. There are usually a lot of these in small bottles and their removal makes them economically unprofitable for standard recycling.

The donated lev for a book allows the campaign to be partially self-sustaining, which makes it sustainable over time.

“Return the bottle, get a book!” Is held as part of “Green Fridays”. Anyone who comes with a bottle or recycling bottle can also take part in the “Ask Environmentalists” initiative.

Translator: Valentina Vagge


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