Local Citizens’ Initiative (MGI) “Stop 5G Bulgaria, because health is more important” expresses its bewilderment at the discrepancy of words and actions in the municipal administration of Varna regarding the introduction of 5G technology in the municipality. As early as September 28, 2020, MGI “Stop 5G Bulgaria, because health is more important” submitted to the mayor and the Municipal Council of Varna a request – a petition to ban the experimentation, construction and commissioning of telecommunications equipment operating under the 5G standard, on the territory of the municipality. The request was made on the basis of the Law on the Direct Participation of Citizens in State Power and Local Self-Government and meets all legal requirements. “We have proposed that the ban on 5G remain in force until the provision of indisputable results proving the absence of harmful biological effects of radio frequency radiation on humans and wildlife.

Four months later, not only was the subscription not considered, but we have not even received an answer, “said the local citizens’ initiative. From there it is specified that the legal deadline for the reply is 30 days. The silence of the local government is a clear violation of the Law on the direct participation of citizens in state power and local self-government by the mayor and the Municipal Council and which is subject to sanctions, according to the MGI.

At the same time, Varna’s chief architect Viktor Buzev expressed a categorical position against the installation of 5G antennas and in support of the signing of the local civil initiative “Stop 5G” presented yesterday to the City Council in an interview with Darik Radio. We learn with anxiety from the words of the architect. Buzev that the authorities are actually not fully aware of which antennas were installed by ISPs last year. The Spatial Planning Act allows them not to notify the authorities when they install new antennas under the pretext that they are renovating their old facilities.

The proposal submitted to the City spells out five reasons to stop 5G, including zero investment in safety testing and research demonstrating the absence of harmful biological impact of the 5G network. All this against the backdrop of nearly $ 2.7 trillion in investments in 5G technology, of which € 56 billion in Europe. In contrast, there are currently more than 10,000 scientific studies on the harms of exposure to current electromagnetic fields (EMF), to which 5G EMF will be added.

The new technology needs 3 times more energy than the mobile network currently being built, which will have a huge negative effect on the environment, according to the local citizens’ initiative. From there, they also fear an outdated legal framework, which regulates the maximum permitted standards of electromagnetic fields. Also, there is no risk assessment by the National Center for Public Health and Analysis (NCPHA) in our country.

A number of municipalities in Bulgaria, such as Balchik, Mezdra and others, have already taken measures to protect their citizens and imposed a moratorium on building 5G for one year. The desire of the citizens of Varna is to protect their health until the long-term health consequences of 5G are clarified, said MGI “Stop 5G Bulgaria,

The Children’s Health Defense case is currently underway, challenging the refusal of the State Communications Commission (FCC) to review its 25-year-old obsolete wireless “health guidelines” and adopt scientific, biologically based rules on radio frequency emissions that adequately protect public health from wireless devices and infrastructure, including 5G.

A Washington Spectator journalistic investigation into “Wireless Dangers” reveals how scientific truths are hidden through lobbying (the industry purposefully influences power at various levels in order to realize its specific corporate mercantile interests).

You can watch a video from the webinar “Impact of 5G technology on health and the environment” on the European Parliament’s website here.


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