Author: Desislava Georgieva
Published On: 11/08/2023

It is no longer enough to eat organic food, drink purified water, breathe clean air and get enough sleep to stay healthy. We also need to minimise our exposure to the harmful effects of electromagnetic pollution. Learn how to lower your exposure and how to repair electromagnetic field (EMF)-related harm. EMFs are invisible to your eyes.

It is generally accepted that cell phones and Wi-Fi offer unimaginably useful conveniences. And they’re everywhere – few of us are more than a few steps away from our cell phones, even while we sleep.

If you don’t know the risks you’re taking every day when you slip your cell phone into your pocket, you’re effectively gambling your health, your life expectancy, and even your ability to have children. And worse, you are gambling your children’s health, their life expectancy, their ability to have children.

Are we saying you should do away with all this useful technology? Or even just cell phones and Wi-Fi? Certainly no. But we are saying that you and your family will benefit from taking reasonable steps to reduce your exposure to the radiation that these technological breakthroughs are exposing you to.

There are many different types of EMF. Their spectrum is shown in the initial picture.
The following appliances emit the bulk of the EMFs you are exposed to in your home. We will point out how to replace these devices or reduce the level of EMFs they emit. For now, try to stay as far away from these appliances as possible, as proximity increases vulnerability exponentially: Cell phones, laptops and tablets; Wi-Fi routers; cordless phones; microwave ovens; Bluetooth devices such as head phones, airpods, fitness trackers, keyboards, wireless mice, printers, baby monitors, hearing aids, microphones, gaming consoles and controllers, Amazon Echo and Alexa devices, any smart device, any new TV; smart meters (for remote reading of electricity, heat, water, gas).

We need to take steps to reduce our exposure, educate ourselves as consumers and push our legislators to protect our health and the health of our planet.
Mobile phones emit more EMFs when you use them. to make a call or to access the internet and your exposure to them increases the closer you hold the phone to your body. Even manufacturers recognise this because they state in the user instructions that the mobile phone should be held at least 5 to 15 millimetres from the body.
It is not only human health that is under threat, but also insects, plants, animals and germs. EMFs are believed to have a major role in the collapse of bee colonies around the world.
The results of exposure to EMFs usually become apparent after many years.
While the world waits for proof to be accepted as irrefutable, you, your family and our entire society are all guinea pigs in an experiment that has the potential to cripple future generations with possibly insurmountable health consequences.
Your brain, your heart and your reproductive organs are the tissues that are most affected by EMF exposure!

Your brain, your heart and your reproductive organs are the tissues that are most affected by exposure to EMFs!
Perhaps this is why neuropsychiatric illnesses such as anxiety, depression, attention deficit and autism, and fertility decline have increased over the past two decades.
As harmful as EMFs are to adults, they put children at significantly greater health risk, primarily because of the duration of exposure. Today’s youth are exposed for much longer periods to EMFs than adults.

Some of the diseases caused by EMFs are: disturbed sleep and reduced melatonin; cancer. Perhaps the best established link is between EMFs and brain cancer. The risk is increased by three risk factors: number of years of use, total number of hours of use, and the age since the phone was first used; Childhood leukemia. There is a well-documented association between exposure to extreme low frequency (ELF) EMF from the residential electrical grid and childhood leukemia; Heart disease. Perhaps EMF is a trigger mechanism for: cardiac arrhythmia, blood pressure, nervous and psychiatric illnesses such as anxiety, depression, etc.; Infertility. Men face a worsening trend of factors contributing to infertility – especially low sperm count, poor motility and irregular sperm shape. And men often keep their cell phones in their belt or pants pockets – too close to their genitals. Female fertility is also vulnerable when exposed to EMFs.

If the reduction in fertility resulting from exposure to EMFs continues to increase, as is very likely to happen with the introduction of new technologies such as 5G, EMFs could become a potential threat to the very existence of our species.
As useful as it is to know how to neutralize the damage that EMFs can do to you, a much more powerful way to protect yourself is to reduce your exposure to them in the first place.
In short you should aim to do the next four things in the following order:
Avoid unnecessary exposure to EMFs, especially in your own home and from your personal devices (such as your cell phone). That’s where you have the most control.
Stay as far away as possible from EMFs that you cannot avoid.
Reduce your exposure to EMFs that enter your home from outside sources.
When all else fails, protect yourself.

Part of the reason EMFs are so dangerous is that, like X-rays, they are invisible, silent, and odorless. That’s why it’s advisable to invest in devices that can accurately locate and measure any hidden sources. Consult an EMF specialist for the choice of meters.
Protecting your home from EMFs that originate in it is the vital first step. Shielding your home from those outside without first erecting a shield to internal EMF sources is a strategy that can increase EMF levels inside your home.
Reduce EMFs emitted from your computer and your internet connection
This is one of the two most important aspects of reducing EMFs in your home because radio frequency exposure is among the biggest contributors to your EMF load, specifically wireless internet from your routers and other devices. What’s more, Wi-Fi produces a modulated signal that’s particularly harmful to your body. Your long-term goal is to connect your home computer and printer using wired internet instead of your Wi-Fi router. Use a wired connection for your keyboard and mouse.

If for some reason you are unable to disable your Wi-Fi router, the minimum first step is to turn off your router every night while you sleep. Place the router away from your desk, couch, or any place where people sit or stand during the day and farther away from bedrooms.
Take control of your phone
Your phone transmits RF radiation even when you’re not talking on it because it’s constantly updating its location and communicating with the nearest tower for updates, email downloads and text messages.
When you don’t need to talk on the phone, put it on airplane mode to avoid the constant radiation it emits. Also put your phone on airplane mode if you carry it close to your body. This is the second most important strategy, and according to some, the most important step you can take. Holding this strong emitter of radio frequencies directly on your body is like asking for trouble to befall you.
Avoid using your phone when the signal is weak because then the phone has to work harder to stabilize the connection to the tower and emit higher levels of radiation.
You should not use your phone in the car or while travelling by bus or train, even when the connection to the tower is strong. It is better to keep your phone in airplane mode when you are in the car.

Avoid sleeping with your phone in the bedroom unless it’s in airplane mode or completely turned off. If possible, it’s a good idea to put it in a faraday cage.
Unfortunately, many people, including children, sleep with their phones placed under the pillow. That way their head is only inches away from the device, which transmits intermittent radio signals throughout the night. This is one of the worst things you can do for your brain health. It is a straight up recipe for neurodegeneration and increased risk of brain cancer.
Many use their phone as an alarm clock. This is not a good idea. If you choose to do so the minimum precaution is to put the phone on airplane mode and in a faraday cage.
Do not use a wireless charger for your phone as it also increases EMFs in your home.
Your children and mobile phones. Except in life-threatening emergencies, children should not use cell phones or a wireless device of any kind for all of the following reasons. If your child wants to play a game on the tablet or phone, put the device in airplane mode. Limit your child’s total access to mobile devices to less than two hours per week. Delay as much as you can the time when you give your child a cell phone, especially a smartphone.
Once children are given cell phones, it is vital that they learn how to use them safely by keeping them in airplane mode at all times except when they need to make a call, and then using the microphone to hold the phone at least 60 inches from their body while talking.
Reducing common indoor magnetic field sources
If there are magnetic fields that originate in your home, it is due to problems in the indoor electrical wiring or grounding, as well as appliances that generate strong magnetic fields – electric stove, hair dryer, etc.

Reduce dirty electricity from inside your home
Sources of dirty electricity include power lines, the electrical grid in your home, compact fluorescent lights, dimmers, air conditioners, transformers and adapters for many electrical appliances (such as TVs, monitors, computers), and more. They all emit harmful EMFs. Dirty electricity can also jump from one circuit to another in your home. It can even travel along the electrical wires of the power line and enter your home from neighbors through the wires. An alternative approach to reducing dirty electricity that is generated in your own home is to use whole house filters. Use the services of an EMF specialist.
Other strategies
If you still use a microwave oven, it is best to remove it from your home. When turned on, microwave ovens are among the biggest RF EMF contaminants in your house, and they also emit a very strong magnetic field a few feet into the kitchen (when they are running). Avoid electric floor heating, which emits a high magnetic and electric field. These can be measured even at waist level.

Make your bedroom a haven from EMFs. Last but not least, make your bedroom as EMF-free as you possibly can. Your body does a tremendous amount of repairing and recovering at night. If your exposure to EMFs is high at night, it will be nearly impossible to optimally activate these repair and recovery programs to neutralize your exposure to EMFs over which you have no control during the day when you are away from home. Even with the lights off and appliances unplugged, your bedroom still has AC electrical voltage coming from the wires in the walls. The electric field from this voltage extends six to eight feet from the walls and floor into the rooms. Electric fields practically rob a good night’s sleep. You don’t spend enough time in deep sleep and you wake up tired.
When it comes to EMFs, distance is your friend. The strength of an electromagnetic field is inversely proportional to the square or cube of the distance from it. So when you can’t avoid a radiation-emitting source, find a way to increase the distance between it and your body. Even a small step can radically reduce your exposure. Here are a few ways to do it:

When talking on the phone in private, use the microphone and place the phone at least a meter away from you. Avoid all bluetooth headsets, including airpods.
Keep extension cords away from your desk, couch and bedding or any other place where you spend long periods of time as they emit an electric field.
Avoid carrying your phone close to your body except when on airplane mode. Of course there are circumstances when you will need to be reachable and keep the phone plugged in, but it’s best not to touch it to your body. You can put it in your purse or backpack.
Much of the EMF radiation coming from outside your home originates from cell phone towers, radios and TV stations, Wi-Fi routers in neighborhoods, power lines, and smart metering devices (for remote metering of electricity, heat, water, gas).
To the left of the graph, EMF in an apartment from neighbors’ Wi-Fi routers. Each curve is from a neighbor’s router. Higher curves are from stronger EMF. They bombard you 24/7 and cannot be turned off Although they are highly penetrating, there are still many things to do to protect yourself from external sources of EMF. For example, to reduce dirty electricity in your home coming from outside (from your neighbors) it is a good idea to have filters installed by an electrician in a metal box mounted next to the electrical panel.
Protection – this is the step you take after you have done everything else you can do to limit your exposure to EMFs.
Not all EMFs are susceptible to protection and no one type of protection blocks all types of EMFs.
Something that can help you protect yourself and your home from EMFs is EMF protective paint. This is an effective protective solution. For this, it is advisable to contact an EMF specialist.
EMF from your Wi-Fi router spreads to the apartments in your block and to the adjacent entrances and harms the health of the people living there. However, EMF from your Wi-Fi router harms your family the most, especially your children.
If you find this information useful, spread the word:
to all neighbours in your entrance and in the two adjacent entrances. This will help them, but also help yourself by limiting EMFs in your residence from neighbor Wi-Fi routers if neighbors stop Wi-Fi; among your family, friends, relatives, colleagues; among their relatives, friends, relatives, colleagues;
on the internet and in other appropriate ways to reach as many people as possible.
There is a Latin saying: ‘Forewarned is forearmed’.
This material is not intended in any way to discredit the telecommunications companies that provide us with fast and convenient modern communications services from which we all benefit.
We cannot and should not resist the technical progress that makes our lives easier and more convenient. Rather, we should strive to eliminate or at least limit the harmful effects of certain negative effects of modern technology.
This paper is based on information from the book “ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS” by Dr. Joseph Mercola, published by HOMO FUTURUS, 2021. The author has cited over 800 sources of information. The information was sent to Ecovarna by a reader of the site. We are willing to publish other views on the subject.