Author: Svilena Velcheva
Published On: 03/12/2019

50 young people at risk from Varna and the region will be trained as divers and drivers of small vessels up to 40 GRT. Courses will be free of charge for approved applicants. The training is organized by Maritime Club “Friends of the Sea” under the project “Maritime Academy 2019 – 2020”, announced the president of the association Darina Ivanova. Successfully passed the Maritime Administration exams, receive internationally recognized certificates in two maritime specialties.

Recruitment of candidates through the club’s website begins in early January. Young people between the ages of 18 and 29 can apply, with priority being unemployed, socially disadvantaged, ethnic minorities and dependents.

More than 300 at-risk youth have been trained by the Friends of the Sea Marine Club. About 25 percent of them are professionally traded as seamen, captains of small vessels and divers.

The Maritime Academy 2019 – 2020 is funded with an amount of EUR 45 530 provided by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the European Economic Area financial mechanism. The main objective of the project is to create opportunities for social integration and professional realization of young people from vulnerable groups through the acquisition of qualification in two marine specialties.

Translator: Valentina Vagge