Four students from the Mathematical Lyceum “Dr. Peter Beron” and one from the Third High School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics gave us an ecology lesson during the World Recycling Day – March 18th. Today they receive our symbolic awards for their efforts to spread the cause of a clean environment.

Mihail Shterev, Kalina Mileva, Martin Kanchev, Borislav Kolev from the 12th year of MG – Varna, gave an online presentation on forest protection and how we help them with the reduction and recycling of their waste. The young people also gave specific ideas for planting new trees around the cities, as well as placing containers for separate waste collection at companies, universities, schools. President of the Public Center for Environment and Sustainable Development Ilian Iliev was invited to participate in the open lecture in the classroom on “World and Personalities” on the occasion of World Recycling Day and to answer questions from students. It is extremely rare, especially in online training conditions, for external experts to be present in the classroom and help with their experience in acquiring knowledge and educating habits for environmental protection, commented Iliev.

11th grader Petar Petrov from III PMG made a video about recycling, in which he collected photos of participants in the Recycling Day and volunteers in the campaign for separate collection of paper “Leaf by sheet”.

We thank all the participants who showed with their initiatives that they do not care what environment they live in!

In Bulgaria, only 31.5% of household waste is still recycled. The average level for Europe is 47.4 percent. The rest of our garbage goes to the landfill or incinerator, which directly pollutes the environment and harms our health.


Improving public knowledge about the role of Civil Society Organizations

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