Author: Svilena Velcheva

Greenpeace-Bulgaria is organizing a challenge called “Green Recovery”. Because the current crisis is also an opportunity to move into the future with new practices, not to lock ourselves into the past. The aim is to open a conversation on the topic and to stimulate the discussion on how society and the economy can continue in a new direction, based on green and sustainable development.

The participation of more sane people with ideas and expertise in various fields is needed to achieve the most meaningful actions and a way out of the crisis. For example, environmental protection and biodiversity, water resources, digital technologies and innovations, education, healthcare, urban development, art, entrepreneurship and others.

Greenpeace expects your author’s idea, vision or project on how to recover from the crisis greenly and forward-looking. The initiative aims to provoke visionary thinking and to gather quality solutions to current and future problems and to provide an opportunity and a platform for people with ideas to develop them, share them and find like-minded people.

Ideas can focus on improving the urban environment, the energy system and the use of renewables, the circular economy and many other topics related to green recovery.

The stages of the challenge are the following:

Stage 1: Submission of author’s ideas: by June 21

Stage 2: Jury and selection of winners: June 16-29

Stage 3: Announcement of winners: June 30

Stage 4: Public sharing of the best ideas: July 1-10

Stage 5: Rewarding, public presentation of ideas and discussion: July 15

The authors of the selected ideas will be rewarded with solar devices.

Selected authors will be invited to take part in a public presentation of their ideas and a general discussion on the possibilities and necessary actions for green recovery.

Selected materials will be published through the social networks of Greenpeace – Bulgaria.

Author’s ideas can be sent to: until June 21.

The idea can be in writing, video or other author’s form of self-expression, photo, drawing, scheme, physical prototype layout and others.

See the full conditions and requirements for participation, as well as the evaluation criteria here:

Translator: Valentina Vagge


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