Location of the public territory: The place is the dividing strip of Tsarevets Street in Levski.

Current condition: The site is the dividing strip between the two lanes of Tsarevets Street, consisting of a lined canal and adjacent green areas.

Recently, the southern lane was repaired, as well as the adjacent inter-block spaces – everything was concreted and asphalted with zero effect.

These transitional routes have been intact for years, the greenery is self-grown and unmaintained. They have the potential to become beautiful accessible places for transition, and why not for recreation.

Project idea: After the urban parks are reconstructed and improved, a network of green corridors or urban eco-trails can be created to connect them. These lines should be built in harmony with their surroundings. Similar elements and solutions can be copied, for example from the Sea Garden.

The main goal is an easy, comfortable and above all safe transition between urban spaces, as well as aesthetic improvements of the environment.

About the author: Anton Bogdev is an engineer – designer. He graduated from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Sofia and the National High School of Humanities and Arts “Konstantin Preslavski” in Varna. His competencies include: production of specialized maps, creation of digital terrain models, vertical planning, calculation of volumes and quantities, geographic information systems. Contact: anton_bogdev@abv.bg.

We are also waiting for your suggestions for the initiative “What does EcoVarna look like” at e-mail: ecovarna.info@gmail.com.

Projects must:

– to ensure a balance between natural and anthropogenic factors and to create preconditions for sustainable development of Varna;

– to contain a short explanatory part about the location of the public territory, its current state and vision for its future development;

– to be accompanied by a visualization – a photo of the current state of the place and a color sketch, a diagram of the future;

– be accompanied by a short CV of the author;

The projects will be published in the section “News”, category “Ecocity”, on the site ecovarna.info (after its update). After the completion of the initiative (until the collection of 12 project ideas) they will be submitted to the Union of Architects – Varna. All 12 ideas of “What EcoVarna looks like” will be presented in an official exhibition during the civic forum “Conference on Democracy 2021”, which is held annually on the last Saturday of February.

What EcoVarna Looks Like is part of the Active for Public Spaces initiative.

Translator: Valentina Vagge


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