Author: Iliyan Iliev
Published On: 17/01/2019

2019 – the year that you can make your office green! There are many ways to do that. The easiest and quickest way to get started is by stopping using disposable cups. Show all visitors in the office that the “use and throw” behavior is unacceptable to you. Tell them you are joining a “I choose a reusable cup” mission and want to save tons of waste for the next generations by removing one-time glasses made of plastic or plastic with cardboard cover. (Yes, “cardboard” glasses are actually plastic.)

You can tell your employees, colleagues and partners that in 2018 the world realizes that there is a oceanic plastic crisis and that it was not enough just to keep track of the problem, but to take part in solving it. Please be aware what breakthrough we have in 2018: The European Parliament has banned the use of a number of disposable plastic products. We can wait for the ban to work, but we can be active!

The world has a problem with plastic pollution, it grows with the effect of a “snowball”, but also public awareness and action are growing. What will we do?

Every year, about 8 billion pounds of plastic waste enter the oceans from coastal areas. This is equivalent to five bags of plastic junk accumulated at every step on all the seashore. All this plastic is causing damage to creatures living in the ocean, from suffocating tortoises in plastic bags to whales and seabirds that are hungry because their bellies are so packed with plastic that there is no room for food.

About 40% of all manufactured plastics are used in packaging and most of them are used only once and then discarded. Less than one fifth of all plastic is recycled, although many countries and companies are trying to offer innovative solutions to increase that percentage.

In our organization we started in 2017 with the mission “I choose a reusable cup”. In 2018, over 1,200 children from 13 kindergartens across the country joined the mission. Today, more than 2,000 children replaced one-time glasses with their own drinking glass. This has led to the following results:

  • 550,000 single-use plastic cups were not used
  • production of 1, 5 tons of non-recyclable plastic waste was not allowed
  • were saved 4.3 tonnes of CO2 emissions needed for the production and transport of disposable cups
  • nearly 3 tons of raw materials needed to make disposable cups were saved

If the young children do it, you can too. Everything is so simple: Accept the mission! Put an end to one-time glasses in the office! :) Post a message in the social networks that you are part of the change!