Published On: 14/02/2020

The Mayor of Popovo, Ludmil Veselinov, was forced by the residents of the municipality to publicly promise to stop the procedure for building a waste incineration plant near the city. It happened during a public debate late last night, when experts had to explain the technology and try to convince people about its safety.

Dissatisfaction escalated at the outset after one of the heads of municipal directorates said that an environmental impact assessment of the project was not needed. “We are not here to listen to the paid experts, but to say that we do not want to build a waste incineration plant in the municipality,” the people said.

Later in the day, the Facebook account of the Popovo municipality reported that the only alternative is to bring refuses to the landfill in Beloslav (Varna District), but this option will greatly increase the landfill fee as well as other waste management costs, the municipality warns.

“The option of constructing a landfill in our municipality would be a temporary solution to the problem, as it will also have a certain capacity and over time the problem of waste management will again be on the agenda,” Lyudmil Veselinov said on Facebook.

The mayor of Popovo remained behind his position to build such a type of waste incineration plant, though elsewhere. However, the municipal administration does not mention anything about modern methods of dealing with garbage and the concept of zero waste, part of which is separate garbage collection.

In order to put a stop to the procedure for the burning plant in Popovo, it is necessary for the City Council to revoke its decision of December this year, which gave the green light to the investment intent of Eco Invest North. Whether this will become a fact remains to be seen.

Translator: Valentina Vagge