Author: Svilena Velcheva

The acceptance of completed projects on the three topics of the first edition of “Project ECO” – the competition of young people, in which they find solutions to a pressing environmental problem in Bulgaria, it’s still open.

On the website of the platform participants between 15 and 30 years old can offer their ideas related to three current issues: Maintaining clean air after COVID-19; Establishment of a waste diversion system; Campaign “Let’s keep Bulgarian beaches clean”.

The deadline for participation is July 30, and the projects will be evaluated by a jury consisting of the creators of the competition and representatives of the companies that took on the difficult task of implementing the winning project.

In the meantime, webinars have already started with the three NGOs that supported the project. At the webinar on waste redirection on June 20, Ilian Iliev from PECSD told about some of the most emblematic campaigns of the organization in this field – “Leaf by leaf”, “Return the bottle, get a book” and ” I choose the reusable cup. ” Public Environmental Center for Sustainable Development is a co-organizer of the competition in its part for waste.

On June 25, a webinar on “Keeping Bulgarian beaches clean” will be held, led by “Friends for Earth”. The event will be available through the ZOOM platform. Link to the meeting:

On July 3, the webinar will be dedicated to “Keeping the air clean after COVID-19”, led by Greenpeace. It will also be held at ZOOM, and during the online event participants will be able to ask questions and learn more from one of the members of the jury. Link to the meeting:

And because the first step to change depends entirely on us, the goal of the ECO Project is precisely to give young people a voice to shape a sustainable future. Therefore, the competition will award three first prizes – one from each topic – which will include the implementation of the project.

“Project ECO” was born on the idea of ​​20-year-old Ivaylo Tsochev, who for several years has been organizing events and initiatives related to ecology and sustainable business. His company “Zero Waste” is aimed precisely at promoting kits for environmentally friendly lifestyle.

To talk about “tomorrow”, we need to talk about “eco” today. Because nature follows its own rules, in front of which we are powerless when we choose to be its enemies. And the creation of an ecological culture in a society depends mostly on faith – in one’s own abilities and in the youth.

Because sometimes good ideas need the support of experience. And the change to a green future is possible with a clear plan.

Translator: Valentina Vagge


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