Author: Svilena Velcheva
Published On: 18/12/2019

Varna Kindergarten # 3 “Zvezdichka” is the newest institutional participant in the “Return your Bottle, Get a Book” campaign of the Public Environmental Center for Sustainable Development (PECSD). The first bottles of medicine collected was handed over by the teachers of Group IV Temenuzhka in kindergarten during an eco lesson led by PECSD Chairman Ilian Iliev. In gratitude, the Kindergarten will receive atlases from the Leaf Foundation educational series “The World in Our Hands”.

The team and children of the Zvezdichka DG are also participants in the PECSD Leaf-by-Leaf campaign for separate collection. Winners of the Eco-School Award, they are involved in the Great Plants Hunt project and in the Learning for the Forest program.

In November, the ”Return your Bottle, Take a Book” initiative has been joined by the Varna Transport Library and the Port Administration, which put containers in their territory to collect small glass bottles of perfume.

Unlike large glass bottles for soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, no one buys small bottles for recycling. This is because of their specific features – they are lightweight, and not infrequently there are metal or plastic parts that need to be removed further. This makes their processing economically unprofitable and they end their lives in the dumpsite. And there the glass last forever. It does not decompose in nature. Only it can change its physical properties under the influence of ultraviolet rays or radiation. At the same time, glass is a very easy material to recycle. The waste glass is heated to liquid form and molded into a new product. 40% less energy is consumed for re-melting than for the production of new glass.

Thanks to the glass factory in Beloslav, who took to heart our mission to reduce waste and will process the glass bottles!

Translator: Valentina Vagge