Author: Svilena Velcheva
Published On: 27/11/2019

The fourth worldwide global climate strike will be held on Friday 29th November. In Varna the meeting point will be at 6 pm in front of the fountains of the Archaeological Museum. One of the main messages of the protest is “Make hope possible, do not desperate.”

Accompanying events in Varna

Public Environmental Center for Sustainable Development (PECSD) organizes accompanying events throughout the day in the office of the association at 14 Sava Radulov Street. In order to reduce the consumption of gift products, which marked a boom during this period, we announce the launch of several eco-shops for gift items made with handmade materials. It starts with Christmas cards workshop on 29th November at 2.30pm and on 30th November at 10.30.

We will be making bird feeders from plastic bottles on Friday 29th at 5:30 pm. The children will learn more about the birds that will spend their winter in Bulgaria from Ivaylo Ivanov speaking for the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds. Why the population of the house sparrow has halved in the last 15 years, the population of the common finch decreased by 44%, and the ones of the forest masonry and the hair by 35%?

Accompanying events in Sofia

The global strike has accompanying events in Sofia as well. On November 27th (Wednesday) at 4pm the Autonomy Factory will open its doors to a truly free market. Bring what you have and don’t use and get what you need. This is a way to associate words with action, theory with practice. Everyone is welcome to bring a few selected items (clothing, jewelry, small items, etc.) that they think they would like, and to make a free exchange on the model of the gift economy and to counteract the overproduction and overconsumption of Black Friday.

On Thursday 28th November at 7 pm you are invited to a free screening of the documentary about the founding of Greenpeace: “How to Change the World” at the Vlaykova Cinema.

The Global Climate Strike is organized in our country by Fridays for the Future.

The strike in Sofia will start at 6 pm from the pylons in front of the National Palace of Culture and in Pleven, in front of the Municipality.

Within the global climate strike millions of people across the globe took to the streets to express disapproval of the passiveness of the government to the climate crisis.

Get involved in the community while you come to the event and share it with friends, family and neighbors!

Translator: Valentina Vagge