Published On: 24/03/2020

The Public Environmental Center for Sustainable Development (PESD) challenges the people of Varna to think positively in a difficult state of emergency. Let’s imagine how we want our favorite place for walks to look like, the garden in front of the block, our street. Draw, sketch, describe “What does EcoVarna look like!”

What EcoVarna Looks Like is part of the Public Spaces Active initiative, which aims to encourage the creation of better urban design through the use of different creative models by local communities.

The EcoVarna Look Out competition with projects for your favorite spot, your street or inter-block space will continue until at least 12 proposals have been collected. They must meet the following conditions:

– to strike a balance between natural and anthropogenic factors and create preconditions for sustainable development of Varna;

– contain a brief explanatory section on the location of the public territory, its current state and a vision for its future development;

– be accompanied by a visualization – a picture of the current state and a color sketch, a scheme of the future;

– be accompanied by a short CV of the author;

– be emailed to:

The projects will be published on Upon completion of the initiative, they will be submitted to the Union of Architects – Varna Company, seeking opportunities to turn the best into architectural projects. All 12 ideas of what EcoVarna looks like will be formally presented at an exhibition during the Civic Forum “Conference on Democracy 2021”, which takes place annually on the last Saturday in February.

The Public Spaces Active Initiative is being implemented through the Center for Sharing and Supporting Working Citizens’ Initiatives, which was opened earlier this year at 14 Sava Radulov Street in Varna. Through the initiative, PECSD lends a hand to Varna’s Anton Bogdev, a design engineer by profession, who turned to the Center with proposals for redevelopment of certain urban areas by building green infrastructure. Some of them are the first draft proposals in the initiative “What does EcoVarna look like” – construction of a park on the dividing island on “Al. Stamboliiski ”and the leaf-by-leaf park in Chaika quarter. Both projects are in Chaika.

“Public Spatial Planning” is organized under the project “Improving Public Awareness of the Role of the Civic Organization for the Community”.

Translator: Valentina Vagge