Author: Svilena Velcheva
Published On: 08/11/2019

Eight kilograms of waste glass saved thanks to “Bring your bottle – get your book!” campaign. The major part of perfumes, creams and medicines glass bottles have been brought today to the office of Public Environmental Center for Sustainable Development (PECSD) – Sava Radulov St. 14. Thank you friends of nature!

Glass bottles will be processed free of charge in the glass factory in Beloslav. They will be converted into small bottles of the same type to store homemade toothpaste and cosmetics that we will show you how to make.

Everyone who brings a recycling bottle will receive a “Liszt” newspaper and will have the opportunity to choose a book or magazine for the symbolic price of 1 BGN. The books are second-hand and donated by participants in a separate Leaf-by-Leaf campaign. Donations raised selling books will accumulate in the Lis Fund and will be spend on educational and environmental activities for teenegers.

Unlike large glass bottles of soft and alcoholic drinks, no one buys small bottles of perfume and medicines for recycling purpose. This is because of their specific features – they are lightweight, and usually there are metal or plastic parts that need to be removed. This makes their processing economically unprofitable so that they end their life in the dump. And there the glass is gonna stay forever.

At the same time, glass is a material very easy to recycle. Re-melting consumes 40% less energy than producing new glass.

We look forward to seeing you every Friday in Varna on 14 Sava Radulov Street!

Translator: Valentina Vagge