Author: Desislava Georgieva
Published On: 15/12/2023

Varna’s bike lanes should not be on the sidewalks at the expense of pedestrians. There have been a lot of accidents with people walking or crossing. They should get down in the car lanes.

This is what Zdravko Vassilev, the founder of the bicycle club “Ustrem”, and Teodosii Byalkov, the author of the initiative “Discover the bike”, said in the sea podcast of EcoVarna.

The conversation was dedicated to the problems and prospects of the Varna cycling network. According to both of them, it should be improved in many directions because it is made piecemeal. Vassilev, who was involved in discussions with the local authorities years ago when the lanes were built, explained that in fact contacts with the cycling community were terminated during the construction itself – and not just problematic sections, but also a network without an overall concept were created. As specific imperfections, he pointed to the narrow lanes on Ave. “Eighth Primorski Regiment” and the curves in front of the former Druzhba plant.

They both believe that cycling should be a priority in the development of the city – including trolleys as one of the modes of transport of the future. They stressed the need for dialogue, tolerance and communication from all road users – a view supported by Ilian Iliev from the Public Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development, who also participated in the podcast.

According to Byalkov, the first thing the new municipal government should do is to build cycle paths along Asparuhov Bridge and to Golden Sands. And Vassilev insisted on a strategy, created by specialists, on which to base the development of the cycling movement in the city.