Author: Desislava Georgieva
Published On: 02/02/2024

“The first thing we lose when we are exhausted is empathy. You stop feeling the problems of the person across from you. It takes empathy to work with citizens, to solve their problems, to serve them.” This is what Doichin Kershovski, a Varna resident, who practices in the USA one of the newest professions, that of a performance coach, says. Doychin is an entrepreneur, mentor and author of the books “Breathe”, “Sleep”, “Play”, “Invest in Health”. On one of his visits to his hometown, he said he was willing to help with advice on how to improve the performance of municipal employees.

“State and municipal employees are hired to do a certain amount of community service. This is done by their “hardware.” No matter how many college degrees you have, if you haven’t slept well for a few nights, your ‘firstfruits’ will be below the level and capabilities you can demonstrate,” says Kershawski. That’s where the profession of the firstfruits coach comes in.

The first thing these types of experts do is figure out what kind of resources their clients use during the day – whether physical, intellectual or creative. Then they determine what chronotype the company or municipal office’s employees are to figure out what time of day they are delivering the highest quality resource or doing the most effective work. “We all know the so-called larks who get up at 5 o’clock and are ready to conquer the world. Others wake up at 10 – 11am and struggle to get into a working rhythm until 12pm, but are very efficient until the small hours of the day. These are the two opposite sides of the chronotype. Fortunately, most people are in the middle,” says Deutschin. Something concrete that he thinks the company or municipality could do is a survey of how many employees are more inclined to the “lark” type and how many to the “owl” type. “This is important because if a person has to work from 9am to 5pm and they are an owl, by 12pm they will be using 20% of their capabilities, regardless of their education and titles,” Kershovsky said. Unfortunately in job interviews, no one asks if you’re an owl or a lark. “A progressive performance-oriented leader will say, ‘larks’ come to work at 6 a.m. and leave at 2 p.m. The owls might start work at noon and finish at 8 pm. What then happens to the company or the municipality? They extend their hours by 6 hours. Who wins?

Customers of the company or citizens who are served by municipal services. Employees then also make the best use of their opportunities.That is why you don’t even need knowledge, just the allocation of people’s time”, says Doichin Kershovski.How much more can you squeeze out of a lemon?According to him, in the dynamic competition of modern times, small changes yield big results.

This is what Doichin calls “a toolbox of simple biohacks” that work.Many people, he says, associate “biohack” with “hacking the system.””We say ‘biohack’ to things that, if you do them, have a predictable result.For example, if you do box breathing (box breathing), which is described in the book “Breathe”, it will bring you a result, you will calm down, assures Doychyn Kershovsky.