Author: Desislava Georgieva
Published On: 02/02/2024

International short film festival “Quarantine” has been awarded for the third time in its history with the high distinction of EFFE – an initiative of the European Association of Festivals, supported by the European Commission and the Parliament.

In 2024 and 2025, the Varna Cultural Forum will bear the prestigious logo of the European Association of Festivals. The distinction is given based on indicators such as attendance, accessibility to different types of audiences, free entry, decentralization, partners, etc. It has no monetary equivalent, but it brings prestige and promotion in the online platform and catalog of the European Association of Festivals, announced the artistic director of the film forum, Georgi Krastev.

Since October, the team of “Daedalus” school – organizer of the event, has been working hard on the tenth anniversary edition of the festival, which will be held in August 2024 in the fishing village of Karantinata in Varna. The selection of films for the upcoming edition is currently underway. The call for applications is open until the end of February, but the selection of the bands is running in parallel. Every year the organizers receive 2-3 thousand proposals for participation. The festival is one of the few in our country, oriented towards young authors, which emphasizes socially significant and ecological themes in the screenings.

When it was created more than 10 years ago, the initiative accepted as its cause the preservation of the fishing village Karantinata – one of the last remaining fishing villages in the region. “There was a danger that it would be removed and that hotel complexes and swimming pools would be built in its place. Together with the local fishermen’s cooperative, we decided to draw attention to the problems of fishermen. So we made an international event that brought an international response and showed that this place is important in its kind. Because a seaside city like Varna, if it loses its identity and its maritime people, what will be left of it?” asks Georgi Krastev rhetorically. Therefore, environmental themes have always been present in the film program. The organizers select tapes that take the audience to little-known places, tell extreme stories about people and geographical corners, emphasize socially significant problems and human relationships.