Author: Desislava Georgieva

A mobile collection point for textile waste will be set up on 19 March (Saturday) between 10 am and 1 pm at the market in the quarter. “Chaika” in Varna. The separate collection of textile waste is organized by Eco Logistics in partnership with Eurotex Ltd. The unusable textile waste will be turned into colourful rugs, which will be donated to social institutions in the country. Clothes that are fit for use, after removal of any damage and stains, will be marketed to ensure the sustainability of the project. Initial investment for the initiative began a year ago with European funding, with the aim of demonstrating the weaving of carpets from unusable textile waste. Just over 28 tonnes of old clothes have been collected from citizens during the project through three stationary and one mobile textile waste containers. Two of them are located in the courtyard of Eurotex in the Western Industrial Zone, in the former printing house of Trud and 24 Hours. The mobile schedule is published on the project website once every quarter. One container is also located in the capital on Blvd. “Slivnitsa” next to a large retail chain.

Nearly half of the discarded textiles are reusable, said Sirma Zheleva, head of sustainable development at Eurotex. The rest is recycled to cotton rags or cut into strips and used to weave carpets. The textile strips are sorted and matched by colour and fabric to select patterns for carpet weaving. So far, 23 coloured rugs have been made, weighing between 2,5 and 10 kg. Over the next two years, the project will continue to be implemented as a guarantee of sustainability.

Currently, the separation of textile waste from other waste is recommended, but from 2025 this will be an obligation for municipalities and citizens of the European Union. The fashion industry continues to be one of the largest emitters of carbon emissions worldwide and one of the main culprits of global warming.