Published On: 15/10/2021

The Public Center for Environment and Sustainable Development invites students from Varna and the region to participate in the International Day for Energy Saving – November 11, by monitoring the consumption of electricity in their homes and proposing measures to save it. By recording meter readings every night for a week, you will know how much electricity you use in your home. Just indicate under the table which energy source is used for heating (coal, gas, diesel, central heating, wood, electricity) and notify the environmental association.

Start recording the counter from Monday evening and do the same on Tuesday. To find out how much energy you spent in 24 hours, compare the readings from Monday and Tuesday. Record the result in the table in the appropriate place for a week. When you have entered all the readings, connect them to a line and you will get a graph of the energy used by your family for a week.

Make an analysis of consumption at home and try to reduce them by identifying suitable measures. Re-register the meter for a week, but now to measure energy savings. Record the measurement results in the same table, but with different colors.

Compare the results and see if you have managed to save energy and, of course, funds from the family budget. Those who save more electricity with the most interesting and ingenious measures for energy efficiency will receive a set of “Leaf by Sheet” T-shirts, a #NoMercyBears shopping bag and the book “Humanity’s Energy Future”.

An open lecture on the topic “The contribution of each of us to global warming” will be held in the most active school and the Bulgarian version of the climate calculator will be shown.

Send the completed tables and the described energy efficiency measures, photos and other materials related to the International Day of Energy Saving to the Public Center for the Environment and Sustainable Development to: by 7 November 2021. The most interesting ones will be published on the website.

Energy efficiency and energy saving are very important for safeguarding the environment, both for the territory in which we live and for the entire planet. Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something. If we all take small steps, we can achieve a lot together!

Here’s what you can do today: If we reduce the room temperature by only 1 degree, we reduce electricity consumption by up to 10%. TVs and computers can be tuned to the so-called “Eco Mode” or “Energy Saving”, which minimizes contrast and lighting to save energy. Washing machines can be used with a short program or with a lower degree of water during washing. Modern inverter air conditioners have additional eco modes that reduce the compressor speed and this leads to lower energy consumption. When you leave the house, do not turn off the air conditioner and reduce the temperature to 17-18. Clean its filters regularly. Unplug other appliances when not in use. Remember to turn off the lights when you are not in the room.

The competition on the occasion of the International Day for Energy Saving is organized by the Public Center for Environment and Sustainable Development under the project “Climate action by European citizens delivers for development”, funded by the European Union.

To draw attention to the importance of energy saving, the International Sustainable Energy Project Network SPARE declares 11 November each year as International Energy Saving Day. The decision to establish such a day was made in April 2008, at an international meeting of coordinators held in Kazakhstan by SPARE, an international school project established in 1996 in Norway. About 20 countries, including Bulgaria, have joined the project.

This material was created with the financial support of the European Union within the project Climate action by European citizens delivers for developmentCSO-LA / 2018 / 160048-1 / 23. The sole responsibility for the content lies with the organizers and under no circumstances can it be considered as reflecting the official opinion of the European Union.