At Public Environmental Center for Sustainable Development (PECSD) we believe that public spaces are the heart of every community. They help strengthen relationships between people and the places where they live. Therefore, the creation of a public space must be a joint process between citizens, experts and government through which we can shape our public spaces in order to maximize their benefits.

Creating public spaces with the active participation of citizens is neither a new idea nor an idea of ​​the PECSD. Since its inception, the association has been steadily advocating the introduction of the concept of placemaking. In the beginning, we started with the ideas of Project for Public Spaces and their overall approach to create a public place. We then enriched our approach by using the knowledge of Return to Shared Cities, where we paid attention to post-communist playmaking and their specificities.

The organization of public spaces belongs to everyone: the message and mission of such an idea are greater than one citizen or one organization. As initiators of the Public Spaces Active Initiative, we will support active citizens who are ready to share experiences, resources and ideas.