Author: Desislava Georgieva
Published On: 03/11/2023

The Primorski Town Hall found no violations in the operation of a restaurant in a garden and an apartment block in Varna. The district administration responded to the complaint of a group of citizens who complained that a restaurant owner had taken over most of the land allowed by the municipality in the garden in front of their block. It is about the space in front of the entrances “B” and “C” on the boulevard. “Chatalja” 49 in Varna.

They alerted EcoVarna that the trees they had planted were cut down by the owners of the Titti cafeteria, located in the block, and concrete was put in their place. Moreover, according to the residents of the block, the restaurant had obtained permission from the Municipality for an additional area of 20 sq.m of pavement right to the existing 30 sq.m, but in practice the owner had occupied a larger area.

This is not all. People point out that the restaurant has not installed the necessary soundproofing and the ventilation pipe is routed under their windows, because of which unpleasant smells drift to both residential entrances.

The Town Hall responded to the complaint within the statutory deadline, stating that no violations were found during their inspection. “The presence of tables on concrete pavements to serve the restaurant’s customers was found, which does not require the issuance of a building permit, according to Article 151 of the Building Code. There is an air conditioning ventilation system in the restaurant which does not serve thermal processing from the kitchen, as no heat treatment of products is provided. The ventilation is by means of a 6 kw mono-split power supply system, which facility does not constitute a structure within the meaning of paragraph 5 of the Construction Act,” Primorski wrote.

“The owner has been served with a notice to provide an up-to-date structural opinion from a competent person on the alterations made and whether this threatens the structural load-bearing capacity of the building. The inspection found no breaches to take action for. Regular inspections of the site continue,” the administration added.

Residents of the block were adamant to Eco Varna that they would not give up their fight. They have lodged an objection that the actual square footage has not been measured and are awaiting developments.



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