Project Description

The aim of the project is to alert local communities and local authorities about the detrimental impact of pollution caused by human activity on Varna Lake and all species that inhabit the area. Through the methods of visual art and investigative journalism to show the causes of pollution of the lake and how they change the quality of life of local communities.

The Public Center for Environment and Sustainable Development seeks through the project:

To spark civic action towards cleaning and protecting the aquatic ecosystem;

To make local communities aware of alternatives to household water pollutants, including single-use plastics. For this purpose, a three-part educational documentary will be made on: 1) the ecological status of Varna Lake and the related Black Sea coast; 2) the quality of life of local communities living on the lake shore; 3) possible ways to solve the problem with the participation of citizens and local authorities;

To support local communities, including media and legal advice, to implement civic activities to improve the ecological status of Varna Lake and the associated Black Sea coast;

Organise a demonstration clean-up of part of the coastline on the eve of International Black Sea Day.

Why we do it: the Public Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development is periodically called upon to protect the interests of local communities and the environment from investment interests in the area. For the past two years it has worked on the issue in partnership with the Malka Chaika Fishermen’s Cooperative and the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds.

The project is implemented thanks to Lidl Bulgaria’s largest socially responsible initiative “You and Lidl for a Better Life”, in partnership with the Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation and the Bulgarian Donors Forum.

Implementation period: 1 november 2021 – 31 october 2022