Project Description

It is important for every business to differentiate itself and attract customers. Nowadays, in order to be popular and frequented an establishment must meet numerous criteria- to have a quality and diverse assortment of goods, excellent service, good interior design, cozy atmosphere, convenient location and of course, reasonable prices. Individually, none of these elements guarantee success, but in combination they create the good reputation that leads the business.

Each of us steps into the role of customer every day with our own unique needs and preferences. We often follow or give recommendations to friends based on personal opinions and impressions. This is where the role of reputation comes in- it may be a favourite restaurant, shop or bar, but it is always about a place we are sure to walk out of in a good mood. And isn’t it important to add to the factors listed so far the trifecta defining sustainable practices as such: environmental, social and economic responsibility?
This short list of 20 criteria will be our guide:


Is waste separated and recycled properly?

Are bins for separated waste clearly marked for customers and staff?

Is biowaste being recovered? Is compost available?

How is unsold food that has expired or recently expired handled?


Quality guarantee and/or certificate of origin for the commodity.

Vegan and gluten-free options.

Prioritization of local and seasonal produce.

Are they trying to replace disposable packaging, utensils, bags, etc. with sustainable, biodegradable and reusable ones?

Replace harsh cleaning products with equally effective environmentally friendly ones.

Buying water for the establishment or implementing a filtration system?


Are customers being actively informed about sustainable practices on site?

Are customers encouraged to practice sustainable practices on site as well as at home?


Are the materials used for decoration new or recycled/reclaimed old ones ?

Is the furniture new or reclaimed old?


Modern and energy saving appliances that are maintained and cleaned regularly:

heating appliances- economical use
Refrigerators- use without overloading
dishwashers – save water and are more efficient, well insulated
Air conditioners- fixed temperature

Lighting- economical use and intelligently designed electrical infrastructure

This week we start with some Varna cafes: what’s special about special coffee?

We think these criteria are broad enough to fit the different types of establishments we will tour and evaluate. Of course nothing is perfect but we hope to motivate both owners and customers to seek improvement in the business and its sustainable development. We would love to hear your comments and suggestions on this topic!

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