Author: Desislava Georgieva
Published On: 02/12/2022

The largest volunteer action for 2022 to clean the beach in Varna will take place this Sunday – 30 October. The occasion is the International Day of the Black Sea, which we celebrate on 31 October.

The action will involve over 300 volunteers who will set off on Sunday morning from various points with garbage bags to meet around 12 o’clock on the beach near the Chernomorets hut.

Two buses have been provided to transport participants. They will leave from ul. “Antim I” to the Archaeological Museum in Varna at 9 am and at 9.45 am.

The first group will assemble at 9.30 am at Rakitnika. They will clean the ravine and the road to the Chernomorets hut. A second group of volunteers will start at 10 am from the last stop on the sq. “Galata”, clean the beach of the hut “Veteran” and Fisherman’s beach. The two groups will gather at Chernomorets beach, where they will witness the unveiling of sea sculptures made of stone in the courtyard of the hut of the same name. This will be followed by a clean-up of the road to the beach of “Pasha dere” and the sandy strip below the Navy unit (“Rodni balkani”).

At 14.30 the waste will be loaded and transported by trucks from the Chernomorets hut and a bus will return the participants to the centre of Varna.

The traditional action to clean the beaches near Varna has been held on the eve of 31 October since 1999. The idea is that the youngest participants who collect a sack of rubbish will receive a small jar of honey. Soups and sandwiches are provided for all participants by the Tourist Society “Native Balkans”.

To organize the biggest volunteer clean-up of the year in Varna, three associations – the Public Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development, the Sea Club “Friends of the Sea” and the Native Balkans Tourist Club – joined forces.

The action is implemented under the project “Varna Lake – a mirror of the ecological development of the region” and “Finally get to the sea”, thanks to the largest socially engaged initiative of Lidl Bulgaria “You and Lidl for a better life”, in partnership with the Foundation “Workshop for Civic Initiatives” and the Bulgarian Donor Forum. The initiative is also supported by the Place Bulgaria Programme.

This project was made possible thanks to Lidl Bulgaria’s largest socially responsible initiative “You and Lidl for a Better Life”, in partnership with the Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation and the Bulgarian Donors Forum.