Author: Desislava Georgieva
Published On: 11/08/2023

The proposals for amendments to the Renewable Energy Sources Act (RESA) of the Public Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development and Green Laws were placed on the agenda of the MP from Varna Stella Nikolova. This happened during her reception day at the office of Yes Bulgaria in the city.

Ilian Iliev from the Public Center for Environment and Sustainable Development and Adv. Alexander Asenov supported the proposed legal texts with examples from practice. “We highlighted how anyone who dares to set up an energy production system now is being turned into an administrative slave,” Iliev said. The association’s team has raised the issue of meaningless payments of a lev or two in over-the-counter fees by producers of green energy consumers, and the state’s desire to have them insured as sole traders. We hope that we have dispelled doubts about the myth that small systems will collapse the energy balance, Ilian Iliev said. According to him, the most valuable part of the meeting is that the Varna MP was informed about all this before the vote in plenary. “We believe he will form an opinion and sift out the lobbying texts of big business and the ambition for more profits from the desire of citizens to help themselves with their electricity bills by producing green energy,” Iliev said after the meeting.

The advocacy campaign for changes in the Energy Policy Act to create more opportunities for energy active and energy independent citizens continues.