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Leaf by Leaf – How to get involved in the campaign?

50 trees die every hour in Varna! Paper is the most common waste and despite the introduced forms of separate collection and recycling, still huge amounts of paper go to the landfill.

Ancient wisdom states: “If you don’t plant at least one tree in your life, then you have lived in vain!”.

Today’s dynamic lifestyle is moving us further and further away from nature. If we don’t have the opportunity to plant a tree, then we can save those already planted. This is the meaning of the Leaf by Leaf campaign. We are expecting you!

What is Leaf by Leaf?

Leaf by Leaf is a self-sustaining campaign. The funds raised with the paper delivered will be spent as follows: 70% goes to campaign maintenance costs and 30% goes to the Liszt Fund, which promotes various youth initiatives dealing with waste recycling and environmental protection.

How can you get involved in the Leaf by Leaf campaign?

Step 1 – Application

The request to participate can be made with a call or an email stating your intention.

Step 2 – Agree on participation

By phone and / or meeting at your office. Conscious of your daily workload and driven by the desire to not disturb the atmosphere of your workplace, we will choose the most appropriate way to collect paper depending on the office space, the number of employees and the structure of the building. In this way, you, your colleagues and employees will be able to collect old newspapers, copier and printer paper, cardboard and paper packaging that are discarded in your daily activities.

Note: Negotiation is informal. It is guided by the principle of joint environmental activities. Either party may opt out at any time. In the spirit of good partnership, the refusal must be verbally or in writing.

Step 3 – Paper collection

A team of PECSD volunteers, on a pre-prepared schedule, will visit the participants who have requested the removal of the paper every Tuesday and Wednesday. The request can be made via phone, fax or e-mail.

Note: If you call after the current week’s visit limit has been reached, the request will be rolled over to the next week.

Step 4 – Feedback

To check on the amount of paper delivered and the trees saved you can follow our website, where infos are updated monthly. The accumulation of funds in the List Fund and their disbursement are published on the website at the beginning of every year.