Author: Desislava Georgieva
Published On: 14/07/2023

Introducing our speakers, with whom we will welcome “July for Climate” on July 1 at 10 am at the Festival and Congress Centre, Press Room.

Denitsa Petrova represents Greenpeace for Central and Eastern Europe. The organization was created to change people’s attitudes in order to protect the environment and peace.

At the Citizens Against Climate Change Forum Denitsa will speak about “Green Restoration of Ukraine – an example from the Bucha region”. Her presentation starts shortly after 12.30 pm.

Come to the Citizens Against Climate Change conference in Varna on 1 July or follow us live the same day on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or!

The conference is organised by the Public Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development under the project “Climate action by European citizens delivers for development”, funded by the European Union. It takes place in the framework of the Green Revolution Festival, which is located in the space next to the Municipality of Varna between 29 June and 9 July 2023.