Author: Desislava Georgieva
Published On: 29/06/2023

“July for Climate” brings together in Varna initiatives against climate change of citizens from all over the country, as well as interesting examples from abroad. They will be presented and demonstrated on 1 July during the conference “Citizens against Climate Change”, organized by the Public Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development. The forum is open to residents and visitors of Varna. The start is at 10.30 am in the press centre of the Festival and Congress Centre with a presentation on the effects of global climate change and their significance in the economic and social spheres. Dr. Alexander Simidchiev from the Association “Air for Health” will reveal what health consequences climate change leads to in individual and societal terms.

The second panel, at 12 noon, will open the door to civic initiatives that fight the destruction of nature. One of them, the “Tran Ultra Run”, traces the civic backlash against gold mining in the municipality of Tran and how an ultra marathon can open up to the world a relatively entrepreneurially poor area like Tran.

The topic of Ukraine will also feature in the forum, but from the perspective of its green recovery. Denitsa Petrova from Greenpeace will talk about how a handful of eco-activists are creating a Ukrainian hospital that is completely independent of conventional fuels.

In the afternoon, the climate conference will take a look at the (in)actions of Bulgarian politicians against climate change. At 13.45 with Radostina Slavkova from the environmental association “For the Earth” we will debate the update of the Integrated Plan “Energy and Climate”, and Petko Kovachev from the Green Policy Institute will reveal how the Bulgarian authorities are doing their best not to adequately implement EU climate policies in Bulgaria.

And because it all starts with education, we will present two tools to help teachers and students. Ilian Iliev from the Public Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development will demonstrate how to use the Climate Simulator in the curriculum.

Portuguese activist Narciso Antunes will share the online educational tool “Quizzability – Quizzes for Sustainability” that can help integrate sustainability strategies and approaches into any activity.

You probably haven’t asked yourself how the current bottled beverage supply impacts the climate and why the current waste economy in this country is so toxic. In addition to answering these and other questions, Evgenia Tasheva of For the Earth will provide an example of a true circular economy.

The conference will end with a game for the audience “How to include a product in the circular economy”. A live webcast is available throughout the day on the website and on the organiser’s social networks.

“Citizens Against Climate Change” is a continuation of the conference “Climate Adaptation and Transition to a Green Lifestyle”, which the Public Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development organized for the first time in 2021. The first day of July and the motto “July for the Climate” are a symbol of the expectation of a better future from people who take small steps every day to protect the environment.

You can download the programme here: 07-01-programa.