Author: Desislava Georgieva
Published On: 03/11/2023

Public Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development invites Varna residents to three interesting and useful eco-workshops until the end of next week.

The first one “Recycling with a 3D printer” is today at 3 pm in the shared space “Kubrik” on ul. “3D artist Georgi Stoyanov will show how to recycle paper products at home using 3D printed moulds. You will find out innovative methods for processing paper into new and useful forms. Entrance is free.

On October 12, again at 3 pm at the same venue, ornithologist Ivaylo Ivanov will guide us through “Wild inhabitants in our city”. You will learn more about the birds that inhabit the urban environment and their habits. You will be surprised how much we can do for them, besides houses and feeders.

Friday, October 13, is the reserved space for the homemade soap workshop. Environmental education specialist from Lycée Lapeyrouse, Couloumier Chamier, France, Hélène Sabatini, will teach you how to create your own fragrant and original soap from natural ingredients.

The eco-workshops of the Public Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development are part of the Green Fridays for Youth project. Combining innovative and practical approaches, it shows how an environmentally friendly lifestyle can be integrated into everyday life, work and even social and community life.Since 18 August, a total of 9 discussion meetings and workshops have been held, some of them in an out-of-town environment – in the village of Ezerets.Varna residents have the opportunity to participate in the remaining three until mid-October.