Author: Desislava Georgieva
Published On: 11/08/2023

If we want beaches to be clean, we need to be active. Today, Mrs. Tomova from Varna is proving this in practice. She decided to go for a walk on the South beach like dozens of Varna residents. Reaching the beach, she was unpleasantly surprised by the hundreds of dirty wet towels on the sand. To prove it, she sent us photos and a short video. Apparently the waters from yesterday’s downpour have come in excess of the city’s sewage capacity. The waste they carried away, was discharged directly into the bay without going through the city’s sewage treatment plant. The sea knows its job and is quick, quick to remind us of bad habits. Honestly showing the results of our activity back on the beach. That’s how local pollution on the beaches comes about. Let’s put aside how we indiscriminately throw litter wherever we can – we do it! We can’t be mad at the elements for giving it back to us. In this situation, we have to deal with it ourselves, not wait and grumble. Mrs Tomova and other vigilant citizens are taking the right steps. They report to the municipality, to the Regional Inspectorate for Environmental Protection – Varna.

They submit a signal to the municipality, to the Regional Inspectorate for Environmental Protection – Varna. If you also want to join them, report to the “Green phone”: 0884290634 or 052634583 at the Regional Inspectorate for Environmental Protection – Varna. Let’s see how the control services will react. The concessionaire of the beach could have organized the collection of the waste from the sea from the very beginning of the day. All stakeholders should be involved in tackling the problem. People from the tourism industry should be more active on the ground instead of just complaining in the media that the season is about to fail. We all know that the sea both makes pollution visible and picks it up a day later. The question is whether we will passively rely on it alone. Until next time. Or will we be proactive now.