Author: Desislava Georgieva
Published On: 17/06/2022

We continue our meetings with young people on climate change and our impact on the environment. This time we were hosted by Dedalus School of Art. We used the courtyard of a former “Labour School” in Gabrovtsi village as a classroom, and today it hosts the artists of the Dupini Art Group.

The discussion was part of the plein air “Art in Nature”. The young people discussing were joined by the mayor’s intercessor Hristo Mednikarov. Ilian Iliev, an expert on the topic in the organization, participated on behalf of the Public Center for Environment and Sustainable Development. Are we helping the environment or are we actually helping ourselves? We claim that we live in a technological world, but when it comes to energy we are still looking at the last century. Should we wait for the next global energy crisis to look up to the sun? Can we make our homes more efficient? Can we challenge the status quo? Questions that we sought to answer together, because it is important that young people today are not indifferent to climate change and passive towards the use of renewable energy sources.