Author: Desislava Georgieva
Published On: 13/07/2022

“Climate change on Earth and my attitude to nature” was the topic discussed by eighth graders from the Professional School of Tourism “Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov” in Varna. The discussion took place in a geography and economics class within the curriculum.

The world is a global village. And teenagers in our country too, like their peers in the West, are excited about the changes in nature caused by man. Some of them made presentations and wrote an essay on the topic, others shared their impressions and experiences of travelling to other countries and their recycling and environmental protection systems. In a few posts, we present some of the young people’s reflections. To show that the future of our planet is in better hands.

Christina Spasova, 8a class:

Nature needs us as much as we need it

Climate change is the main problem for the planet. People don’t realise this because they don’t see it or they are already used to it. But… there are those who are thinking about it. They are trying to show the rest of us what they have to lose.

There is no turning back, nature only gives you a chance once!

The climate is changing not by itself, but because we pollute the environment, cut down trees, kill animals and many more reasons. Every year more and more plant and animal species are becoming extinct. Glaciers are melting, and this is leading to the destruction of bears, foxes, penguins and other animals. When an oil ship crashes in the ocean, the fuel leaks into the water and many aquatic animals die. There are many examples of the damage we do, but few of what we do for nature and the climate. One good example is the work of WWF (World Wildlife Fund), the world’s largest conservation organisation.

Nature needs us as much as we need it. What can each one of us do to protect it! One day a week or month we should go to work or school not by car but by bike, on foot or by bus. Reduce our use of water. Not to throw our waste indiscriminately, but only in bins, trying to recycle. Most importantly not to kill animals for sport or for a trophy or for a new coat. And not to cut down forests. We can also limit our use of plastic. To live in a better and cleaner world!

Giray Kokmaz, 8th grade:

Our society is too commercial

Over the millions of years of Earth’s existence, its climate has been constantly changing, leading to the evolution of living things. They, in turn, also change the climate and nature. On the verge of today’s ecological catastrophe, we are increasingly asking ourselves to what extent has its evolution contributed to this?

Some of the main factors changing the climate are the deforestation of forests, the harmful and poisonous gases from the production of various enterprises whose emissions are constantly increasing, the excessive use of pesticides that pollute the soil and freshwater bodies. Our society is too commercial and is prepared to do anything to make life easier. One proof of this is the excessive use of plastic, a major pollutant of the world’s oceans.

Another very serious problem is air pollution, which is causing a change in its chemical composition as a result of the industrialisation of human society. Greenhouse gases, like a shell, keep the earth’s temperature higher than normal. Coal production and even animal husbandry emit huge quantities of methane, which is twice as poisonous as carbon dioxide.

We are designed to be able to adapt and survive in different conditions and lifestyles. This is evidenced by the fact that there are people inhabiting all parts of the planet, from the North Pole to the South Pole, from Asia to America. But if we are so adaptable to climate and nature, does that mean that they also have to adapt to the changes in them that we cause? Perhaps not? Maybe it’s time to realize what we’re doing, how we’re killing our own home little by little. Maybe it’s time to change our ways?

What if it’s already too late? I don’t think it is yet and it all depends on our actions. Everything is in our hands!

The truth is that we have not only changed the climate but many natural conditions. But it is also true that if we all join together, we can change our destiny and start again – from scratch. Have you ever thought about how much plastic you use today? How much clean drinking water have you wasted or how much waste have you thrown away?

It’s not too late to make a difference!