Author: Desislava Georgieva

The modern world faces enormous challenges in protecting the environment and achieving sustainable development. In this context, with an eye to the future, we announce the launch of our new and inspiring project – Green Fridays for Youth. This project aims to give every young person the opportunity to get involved and contribute to environmental change, encouraging them to be active and responsible participants in sustainable development.

“Green Fridays is an ideal where young people engage during the summer months with the valuable ideas of healthy and environmentally friendly living. The project combines innovative and practical approaches, showing how an environmentally friendly lifestyle can be integrated into everyday life, work and even social and community life.

“Green Fridays provide valuable days of meetings, discussions and training where young people become key actors in four essential areas:

Healthy urban living environment: the project focuses on measuring and improving the quality of life in the urban environment. To create a healthier environment in urban areas.
Green Household Practices: the project will train youth on how to implement sustainable practices in their daily lives, including recycling, waste reduction and using natural cleaning products.
Healthy and environmentally friendly eating: Participants will gain information and skills on choosing and preparing healthy and environmentally friendly foods. This aspect includes visits to restaurants and shops that support this approach.
Energy efficiency: Young people will learn how to reduce energy consumption and how to use renewable energy sources, thus contributing to the protection of the environment.

The project is built on three steps – theory, practice and discussion. Meetings with special guest speakers sharing their knowledge and experience will enrich the skills and vision of young people for environmental change and sustainability.

“Green Fridays provide opportunities for learning, collaboration and growth. Here, youth have the opportunity to build their own future – green, sustainable and full of commitment to nature and society. Let’s come together and create a better tomorrow for ourselves and our planet.