Author: Desislava Georgieva

A gift with a cause is no ordinary item. It brings a different emotion, gives hope, does good. This is how it happens:

A gift with a cause is produced or provided by a person or organization that needs support to realize a good or charitable cause. By buying such a good or service, you are giving to at least two people – the person you are giving to and the person you are buying from.

By choosing a charitable product, you are helping to bring about something you believe in and believe is good for you and society. You feel useful and needed.

An investment in goods and services offered for charitable purposes is an investment directly into the local economy and small businesses. Because these types of goods are the product of small local businesses or small farmers. Your money will stay in the region where you live and support its development.

Don’t wait for an occasion to make a gift to a cause and support our efforts for a cleaner environment!”It’s a matter of discipline,” the Little Prince told me later. “When you get ready in the morning, you have to take care of the planet. “Let’s do it now!