Author: Desislava Georgieva
Published On: 14/07/2022

How to create a mini planet in a compote jar and explain the basic laws of nature? This question will be answered by children and adults during the workshop “Closed Ecosystem – Forest in a Jar” on June 11 from 11 am to 1 pm. The educational activity will take place next to the Shell Stage during the Green Revolution Festival. With the help of presenter Tsvetelina Tsvetelkova, participants will create plant compositions in a jar. The aim is to observe how plants take care of themselves through photosynthesis in a closed transparent environment and water cycle. “The jar is a real micro version of our planet,” says Tsvetelina Tsvetekova. By observing it, she says, we will realise that it is efficient enough without our intervention. The planet can exist without humans, but we cannot do without it. That’s why we have to protect it, is the conclusion that the workshop participants will come to.

The day before, on 10 June, at 4.30 p.m., a discussion on “The power of personal choice as an influence on the environment” will take place within the festival. The presenter, Sabina Maksimova, will talk about the long road she has walked as a parent and a community activist in the battle for less plastic and a cleaner environment. Sabina is the head of the mission “I choose the reusable cup” at the Public Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development.

The Public Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development will offer another interesting discussion to the citizens and visitors of Varna. On 7 June (Tuesday) at 6 pm we will talk about “Waste incineration – the worst scenario for people and nature”. The presenter Ilian Iliev from the Public Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development will talk about his several years of experience in chasing imported waste arriving at the Port of Varna. What happens to them, why our authorities present them as an alternative fuel and how the production of this kind of energy affects our health – Ilian Iliev will give answers to these and other questions.

What kind of air do we breathe, what is the noise pollution and radiation level of the place where we live and how can we monitor the environmental indicators ourselves? On 9 June (Thursday) you will be able to see a mini eco-lab at the stand of the Public Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development (next to the Shell stage) and answer some of these questions.

On the same day at 6 pm, a discussion will be held “Waste for some – treasure for others” with environmentalist and children’s educator Tsvetelina Tsvetelkova. A day earlier, on June 8, in the eco workshops of Recycle Art Academy between 11 am and 5 pm, you will have the opportunity to make souvenirs and household items from waste materials. From 6 pm a workshop “The magic of Dr. Bach’s flowers – creating an essence” will be organized.

The festival “Green Revolution” is organized by the Association “For the Earth”- Sofia, Bulgarian Street Food Association, the largest international network “Friends of the Earth” (Friend of theEarth) and ” under the European project ClimAct. The aim of the event is to draw attention to environmental problems and their solutions, presenting everyday practices for sustainable living, especially aimed at young people. The event includes discussions, workshops, eco and sports initiatives, family games, culinary presentations, music and dance.