Author: Desislava Georgieva
Published On: 03/11/2023

The hardest reporting in life is about what we miss while we’re doing what we should.

The second shift of the Lake 2023 Eco-campers started on the last day of August. With unusual alarm. A whole choir of birds performed a most extraordinary symphony. (In the autumn the birds sang, unable to find a partner.) Their song was captivating and soothing. Because it reminds us that things happen when they are supposed to.

A smiling ray of sunshine creeps shyly through the tent ceiling. And says a brisk “Good morning!” You smile back. You roll your eyes. And you hear in the bird chorus, like a violin string, a resounding “Meow”… To remind you that someone is hungry.

Time for coffee and breakfast. Whatever you eat under the wooden shed, even if it’s just cheese and cucumber, is delicious. But when someone fries up some spelt fritters and maple syrup on the gas stove, you can’t help but lick your fingers.

And you’ve gathered so much energy that you enter a pool of “cocoa milk” without hesitation. You feel the soft mixture of water, clay and straw under your feet. You knead with just your feet a wonderful plaster for the sunbathing wall. (In this extraordinary bath there is always as much warm water as the sun has let you have today. But it is always enough for everyone.)

You think of the modern shower head in the apartment, which reminds you when you’re overdoing the amount and temperature of water. You don’t need it here, because you have enough of everything.

You think of the modern shower handset in the apartment, which reminds you when you overdo it with the amount and temperature of the water. You don’t need it here, because everything is enough.

You just don’t have enough time to walk around the vast Ezerets beach without worrying about stepping on a beachgoer’s towel.To dive into the excited sea.And build a tower of pebbles on the sand. And then to find a treasure – the tiniest and most enormous rapan.To make a trail of shells.And walk on it.To get back to the tent camp on 17th Street.

There, waiting for you to knead the leaven into wheat bread.And to put it in the earth oven, built from a rim of rubber. You’ve hardly ever eaten anything more delicious with striped salt…

But the most delicious thing about Lake’s warm bread is that you can share it with someone.Even the crickets that serenade you at night outside your tent while your eyelids close know that.

The hardest reportage in life is about what we miss while doing what we should.

If you choose to go where your heart points, LakeTec 2024 is waiting for you.Next year, in August, for the 15th time…